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Pre Plan

A Love Pre Planning

Most of us plan ahead in life. We plan for our wedding, our children's education, family vacations, and other significant expected life events. We also plan for the unexpected events of life by purchasing home, car and medical insurance. What about protection in the event of death or unexpected.

Why Pre Plan

Life is unpredictable; Take up the responsibility.
● Pre Plan to relieve you & your loved ones from the financial and emotional responsibility.
● To minimizes the chances of disagreement.

No one knows you better than yourself.
● Decisions will be planned as you and your family wish that reflect your budgets, location, choices and so forth.

Tied up with us.
● Let the professional take this responsibilities to discuss and help you and your family to ease their concern.

Lock the current price.
● Protect you and your family from rising inflation rate.

5. Easy Payment scheme with any bank available.
● 0% interest payment without lock your credit limit; to reduce financial burden